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Deric Burton 23 4.8
Deric Burton Great Realtor! 5
Mark K. - Apr 15 2018

Overall: full star full star full star full star full star 5/5
Experience: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Competency: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Neighbourhood Knowledge: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Communication Skills: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5

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Great Realtor!

More About Deric Burton

Deric Burton: Deric has been in sales his entire career and a Realtor with Re/Max for over 30 years. Although he has achieved every available real estate award, they mean little to him. Deric's satisfaction comes in working with people and seeing their joy when we find the right home! He is passionate about walking with people through the transitions of life's varying seasons: helping a young couple find the perfect starter home, locating housing in the right community for a growing family, or assisting a retired couple find the house best suited to them. Deric believes in giving personalized real estate advice, tailored to each person's specific circumstances. He is committed; not to sales, but to offering my years of experience and expertise, along with all the information you need to help guide you in making the best home buying or selling decision.

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